Mesquite Tarot sets are currently out of stock. We do not have plans for a new edition. For any future updates, please follow us on Instagram @mesquitetarot.

what tarot means to us

Tarot is a practice of seeking clarity, of setting aside time for introspection and reflection. As in other meditative practices, it can give us perspective on the big things and the little things. It carves space to zoom out and gather insight that can assist us in making decisions that are rationally, emotionally, and spiritually intelligent.

Tarot sometimes has a reputation for being about divination or future-telling. To us it’s more about using the power of symbols to bring ourselves into a clearer state of conscious awareness. The 78 cards in a deck represent the range of human experience, archetypes, personalities. They allow us to project our self and our experience onto ideas that have a universal quality, a history that crosses culture and time.

If we can better understand our own motivations, the light and dark within each of us, we can let go of fear. We can better understand others and begin to create healing in the larger world. Right now feels like an important time to do that.

Though we are by no means the most learned tarot scholars, tarot has provided us a path for reflection and growth that we are excited to share. We are still students of tarot, and we will continue to be. It’s our hope that we can bring another perspective to this practice and continue in a collective conversation that fosters clarity and compassion.


the mesquite name

Our name honors our roots here in Austin, Texas and the community we call home. Honey Mesquite, the variety of tree we see in abundance, has one of the deepest root systems of any plant, taproots regularly reaching over 50 feet deep. It is strong and soft, it draws survival up from groundwater submerged far below the surface. Mesquite blossoms and pods can be ground into flour, the leaves and bark can make nourishing salves, the tree in all its parts holds healing properties.

Under the dappled shade and soft light of the mesquite we planted the beginnings of this project and we hope that with your help, we can watch it blossom fully.